Worth The Hype? Electric Straightener Hairbrush Put To The Test

We all know how tedious straightening our hair can be using traditional hair straighteners but what if there was a brush that you could simply run through your hair for silky, straight locks in a matter of minutes?

YouTuber grav3yardgirl puts the DAFNI brush to the test:

10 Must Have Beauty Products Every Girl Should Own

With the beauty market flooded with products that promise to deliver the world what are the absolute essentials you must own to look and feel amazing?

Here we’ve rounded up the 10 essential products that every girl should own:

1 – An electronic facial cleanser brush.

face brush

With all the cleansers/toners/masks on the market it’s easy to be confused about what your skin wants, especially if your skin is combinational or especially sensitive. An electronic facial cleanser brush can be used with the most basic cleanser to give your skin a deep-down clean removing all dirt and impurities, a lot of them have inter-changing heads too so you can also get a scrubbing feature from your brush. Whilst they do tend to be a little expensive you will save money in the long run as you will be using a lot less products.

2 – A salon-brand deep conditioner.


Nothing will make your hair glossy, shiny and in great condition than a salon-brand deep conditioner. Make a weekly routine of deep conditioning your hair and you’ll soon see the benefits as you’ll receive less split ends day to day and you’ll be using less of your other styling products as your hair is in better condition all over. Don’t be afraid to splurge – go for one that’s low in chemicals, especially sulphates.

3 – An expensive perfume that makes you feel, as well as smell amazing.


Nothing makes you feel as dressed up as a final spritz of an amazing scent. The right perfume can add the finishing touch to an outfit, lift your mood and make you feel amazing so it’s worth finding that signature scent that you can pull out when you need an instant pick me up.

4 – A foundation that matches your skin perfectly.


There’s nothing worse than a foundation that is too dark or too light and the right base products can really make or break a look. If it’s one cosmetic item you’re going to invest in it should definitely be foundation, consult a beauty counter and trial a few different brands before you invest or even book yourself in to have a full makeover to learn how to apply your foundation properly.

5 – Coconut oil.

coconut oil

One of those products that you can use for pretty much everything is the humble coconut oil. Keep a jar in your bathroom and you’ll be using it daily from shaving your legs, softening your skin and feet and as an intensive hair treatment. Coconut oil also makes a great make-up remover and face mask and is all natural so is a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

6 – An eye cream that combats dark circles and fine lines.

eye cream

The eyes is where ageing starts to show first so it’s a good idea to start your anti-ageing skincare in this area first. The right eye cream can perk up tired eyes after a heavy night as well as prevent fine lines and wrinkles over time with continues use. Again, trial a few brands to find something you’re truly happy with.

7 – A good lip balm.

lip balm

Dry lips are never a good look! Slather on lip balm last thing at night before you go to bed and at the start of your beauty routine so by the time it comes to applying lip products your lips are silky smooth. For more intense hydration, lightly rub some onto a toothbrush and slough away at your lips to get rid of any flakes.

8 – Well-made tweezers.


Keeping your brows tamed can transform your entire look so it’s well worth investing in a pair that can get to every single little hair without irritating your skin.

9 – A skin-softening body lotion.

body lotion

Keeping your skin soft and hydrated is key to looking great, your other beauty products will apply properly and look amazing – especially self tan! Slather on morning and night and use as an intensive mask for feet by sleeping in cotton socks.

10 – A neutral nude nail polish.

neutral nail polish

A quick way to look groomed and polished is neatly trimmed nails with a few coats of a neutral pinky shade of nail polished for that freshly manicured feel. Perfect for the office and classy enough for bars. Perfect.